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LOVE Spell Mason Jar Candle

LOVE Spell Mason Jar Candle

Rose buds, jasmine and rose quartz fill this gorgeous candle with all the love and beauty attracting qualities you need to manifest the love of your dreams. Burn this candle when you are in need of extra love, whether it be self, friendly, familial or romantic love.

  • NOTE:

    This sale is for Candle ONLY. All background flowers, crystals, keys, ect are not included with item and are for decorative purposes.


    Flowers and herb are flammable and catch fire while candle is lit. Burn candle in an open, well-venitllated space. Do not leave burning candle unattended, and keep away from pets and children.

    Crystals and shells will be hot while candle is lit. Allow wax to cool completely before removing any items.

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