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Start your spell off with a cleansing bath. Pour the contents of the Clarity Spell Bath Jar into your bath water, step into the bath and visualize all your negativity melting away and see it being replaced with wisdom, compassion, and anything else you wish to manifest.

When you're ready, leave the bath, light the candle and meditate with the spell bottle on what you wish to achieve/ accomplish. Visualize your dream coming true. Use all you senses to really feel it coming true.

After your finished, snuff the candle and place your charged bottle in your purse, car or altar. Re-light candle and recharge bottle anytime you feel the need.

Kit includes:

1 Clarity Collection Pillar Candle

1 Clarity Spell Bath Salt Jar

1 Spell Bottle (choose between PASSION, PROSPERITY or PROTECTION)

  • NOTE:

    Sale is for Spell Bath Salt Jar, Spell Bottle, and small pillar Candle ONLY. All background items (flowers, herbs, crystals, ect.) are not included and are for decorative purposes.


    Flowers and herb are flammable and catch fire while candle is lit. Burn candle in an open, well-venitllated space. Do not leave burning candle unattended, and keep away from pets and children.

    Crystals and shells will be hot while candle is lit. Allow wax to cool completely before removing any items.


    Bath salts are for external use only. Do not ingest.

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