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Flower Arrangement 4

At Raven and the Fae, we are dedicated to creating unique, handmade, completely organic spell and ritual candles, bath salt jars, and bottles.

Each of our candles are infused with hand-picked herbs and flowers, oils, and crystals that will help you to achieve what you’re looking for. From rose buds and lavender, to amethyst and quartz stones, each ingredient of your candle will hold the secrets to unlocking the power of your chosen collection.

As all products are hand made with true passion, each item is unique in its own special way. Because of this, no two items will have the same appearance. Everything is made with organic, all natural ingredients; simply dried herbs and flowers, Epsom salts, and a few drops essential oil are the only components to our bath salt jars, making them safe for you, and your little ones’, skin.

The Collections

Our spell candles (one of our most popular items) and bath salt jars come available in 6 unique collections:

Spell Bottles:

Spell Bottles are lovingly made and filled with a variety of flowers, herbs, and crystals that reflect their respective collections. Our spell jars will not only harness the energies around you to provide you the passion, protection or prosperity you seek, but will also make an enchanting décor piece for your home.

Our Spell Bottles (our personal favourite), come available in a series of 4 collections:

*Please note that at this time we are only selling to customers in Canada*

Custom orders can also be arranged according to your needs. Please use the email below for any questions or for fee quotes

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